Dear Friends of Freedom, Justice, the Family and the Rule of Law


The European Parliament wants the European Union to impose the concept of reproductive and sexual rights on all Member States and limit the right to speak against this controversial issue!


This is an attack on fundamental human rights, including the freedom of speech, protection of life and the sovereignty of Member States. 

In practice, it is about recognizing that such controversial demands as abortion on demand even for minors or forced sex education in its most permissive form are human rights. Rights that must also be recognized and implemented by all EU Member States.

Oppose unauthorized concentration of power by the EU superstate!

As a result of these measures, instead of remaining a community of sovereign states, the European Union may turn into a superstate that seizes powers not granted to it in order to impose radical and ideological solutions on the Member States.

In 2014, thanks to the opposition of the civil society, it was possible to reject the adoption of the extremely controversial “Estrela Report” by the European Parliament. The report aimed to introduce the concepts of reproductive and sexual rights and the so-called “right to abortion” into the official language of the EU.

Today, despite the opposition so clearly expressed then, we have to face another threat of introducing these radical concepts into the European Union!

Although the resolutions are not binding law, they exert pressure on all states that protect life, family, and children’s rights.

We cannot allow this to happen!

Defend our right to decide about ourselves!

The treaties under which the European Union is supposed to operate clearly indicate that the European Union has no authority to interfere in the health policies of the Member States. And it is precisely in this area that the rights relating to procreative and sexual health fall.

The European Union’s lack of authority to interfere in the health policies of the Member States has been repeatedly confirmed by the European Commission itself.

Countries joined the European Union as a community of equal, sovereign, and diverse states. A community based on the principles of subsidiarity of the Union and respect for the exclusive powers of each state.

Oppose the usurpation of power by the EU Parliament!

In order to protect these values, as well as the fundamental human rights that are being undermined by the concept of “reproductive and sexual rights”, we encourage you to sign a petition to the members of the European Parliament.

The Members of the European Parliament who represent us, citizens, must know that the civil society does not consent to the imposition of an ideological concept of “reproductive and sexual rights” on States nor to an interference in the powers of Member States reserved by treaty law.

Dear Members of the European Parliament,


It is with great concern that we have received information about the May 11th, 2021 approval by Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality of the report on sexual and reproductive rights submitted to the European Parliament by MEP Predrag Fred Matic.

Such a committee decision means that the entire European Parliament will soon be voting on this report and may pass a resolution founded on extremely radical demands.

The ideas contained both in the report and in the draft of the resolution which supports it are unjustified for a number of reasons. A discussion concerning these documents should not even be considered to take place on the forum of the European Parliament as, based on the Treaties, health and family affairs are entrusted to competence of Member states.

Firstly, under Article 6 and Article 168 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, the issue of sexual and reproductive health falls within the scope of national health policy, in relation to which the EU has only ancillary authority and may not seek to harmonize this law across the Member States. The lack of authority of the European Union to interfere in the health policies of the Member States has been repeatedly confirmed by the European Commission itself.

Secondly, the report and the draft of the resolution unprecedently attack universal human rights and liberties as right to self-conscious and freedom of speech. The both documents consider opposition to concept of “reproductive and sexual rights” as disruptive do democracy and call to limit right to expression of such an opposition. Such an attitude is in clear conflict with fundamental values of European integration, democracy and European civilization.

Thirdly, the both documents misrepresent the concept of “reproductive and sexual rights” as a binding international obligation and an element of human rights. In particular, it is objectionable that both the report and the draft resolution call the member states to provide access to abortion as a “human right.” The report also completely ignores ongoing international opposition against recognition of abortion as a “human right”. In addition, it disregards the wide disagreement about the introduction of the phrase “reproductive and sexual rights” into international legal documents. At the same time, it refers to the final document of the Nairobi Summit, the contents of which met firm disapproval from dozens of states.

Therefore, I strongly appeal to all of you, to the entire European Parliament, to respect the provisions of the Treaties, the law of the Member States, and the will of the citizens that it represents. I ask you to reject this report as soon as it is voted on in the European Parliament, as it undoubtedly exceeds the scope of the powers granted to the EU.

Adopting the report in its current wording, as prepared by MEP Predrag Fred Matic, would constitute a clear abuse of the powers granted to the EU by the Treaties and a violation of the rights of sovereign Member States to legislate in accordance with the will of the people.

Yours sincerely,

Citizens of the European Union

Coalition against the Matic report

Simona Baldassarre

Member of the European Parliament


Margarita de la Pisa Carrión

Member of the European Parliament


Anna Zaborska

Member of Parliament


Ivan Štefanec

Member of the European Parliament


Joachim Kuhs

Member of the European Parliament


Nicolaus Fest

Member of the European Parliament


Jaak Madison

Member of the European Parliament


Patryk Jaki

Member of the European Parliament


Jörg Meuthen

Member of the European Parliament


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